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$30,000 Grant Awarded to Cohen Children’s Medical Center

The NYBKW Charitable Foundation is pleased to announce a recent gift to Cohen Children’s Medical Center. In support of their Child Life Program’s effort to make hospitalization easier for children with special needs and intellectual abilities, we have awarded them a $30,000 grant to create an NYBKW Charitable Foundation Snoezelen ® Room for children with anxiety and fears. A Snoezelen® room is a multisensory environment, which is designed specifically for the population served. It is equipped with various sensory experiences that have been shown to decrease fear and anxiety and increase coping abilities in children.

The NYBKW Snoezelen® room will enable the staff to help pediatric surgical patients to remain calm prior to their surgery and heal after their surgery in a non-threatening, soothing environment. Some of the senses that will be supported by this room include: the sense of smell, touch, sight, and hearing. The room is designed to give the children access to familiar activities, while being in control of their experience. Pediatric patients will be able to choose from various calming scents with the aromatherapy component, various soothing images to be displayed on their ceiling or wall, various soothing sounds to listen to, and various tactile activities to occupy their physical needs.

Please check back for an update to see how the current room was transformed in the NYBKW Snoezelen Room.


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